Suites and Residences combine living
    comforts with luxuries so elegantly.

    Besides well-appointed spaces, views are designed
    to be optimised for an inspired living.

    Further heightening this experience are lush and unique
    gardens dotted with pavilions, calming water features
    and state-of-the-art facilities at both the Landscape and
    Rooftop Decks to complete a resort lifestyle.

    And all these are within a safe zone attributed to a
    multi-tiered security system that spans the car park,
    main lobby and units above.

    An opulent and serene lifestyle. Come home everyday
    to a place you truly desire.


The information contained herein is subject to change without notification as
may be required by the relevant authority or the developer's architect and cannot form part of an offer or contract. Whilst every care is taken in providing this information, the owner, developer and managers cannot be held liable for variations. All illustrations and pictures are artist impressions only. The items are subject to variations, modifications and substitutions as may be recommended by the Company's Architect and/or relevant Approving Authorities.

For avoidance of doubt on the specifications, please refer to the stamped Sale and Purchase Agreement.